Best Chrome Browser Extensions of 2015

As the year approaches a quick end, our team decided to make a list of the most useful extensions we found in 2015. All the extensions mentioned here are used regularly by the team.



Rescue Time: For those who spend a lot of time around the web, this is a god send. Rescue Time gives you details on the amount of time you have spend on different websites. It coms to the rescue of those who end up spending way too much time on social media websites and want to instead use their time efficiently. Users can analyze their browsing habits at the end of each day and make necessary changes.


Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool

Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool: This extension is extremely useful if you do any kind of marketing for your business. It automagically shows you keyword volume and cost per click on loads of popular websites, saving you the hassle of copy-pasting data from one website to another. Popular websites supported are Google Search, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, UberSuggest, Majestic Seo and Moz Open Site Explorer.


Tab Cloud

Tab Cloud: Like its name, this extension lets you save all details about your tab to the cloud - users can save individual tab sessions and restore them at will on different machines. This is an effective way of syncing your open tabs across your home and work computers. You can effectively sync your open tabs across multiple computers.


Last Pass

Last Pass: Everyone knows that you need to have different passwords for every single websites and at the last count I have registered 127 accounts at different websites. Imagine having to remember 127 different passwords? That's where Last Pass comes to your rescue. Using AES 256-bit encryption with routinely-increased PBKDF2 iterations LastPass securely stores all your passwords that can be retrieved at the click of a button. The chrome extension also makes it super-easy to create strong passwords which you don't need to even know, forget about having to remember! This useful extension is a popular to-do list manager that has a very simple interface and navigation. Users will save a lot of time with the auto-complete features and can set priorities, reminders and add custom notes for their tasks. Your to-do list is also automatically synced across every device that you install the Anydo software on.


Ad Block

Ad Block: AdBlock is one of the most popular ad blocking chrome extensions in the chrome web store. It blocks ads from Youtube, Facebook and loads of different websites and has had more than 200 million downloads.